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Our Care Card
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We are your local doctors you know and trust and we are proud to introduce our Care Card membership program. We have developed this non-insurance product because we are concerned about the increasing number of our neighbors who feel they cannot get the care they want at a reasonable price.

Are you self employed? Do you work for a small business with no health benefits? Are you between jobs? Starting a business? A recent college graduate? Are you looking for affordable health care or simply have no health care insurance at all?

Membership in our Care Card program will save you money while providing you the best medical care available. It really is that simple!
Care Card Features:
No exclusions for pre-existing conditions;
No deductibles;
No provider referrals necessary;
No limits on office visits or services;
No claim forms for Members or our participating providers to file;
No waiting period;
No enrollment fees and
No age limits.
Who Should Have A Care Card?
Anyone without medical insurance;
Anyone who is self-employed;
Anyone with a Health Savings Account or Medical Savings Account;
Anyone working where health benefits are not offered;
Anyone working where health benefits are unaffordable;
Anyone employed hourly or part time;
Anyone employed on a temporary basis;
Anyone with only a major medical or hospitalization plan;
Anyone denied health insurance due to "pre-existing conditions";
Anyone with high out-of-pocket deductible expenses;
Anyone with uncovered healthcare expenses;
Anyone who may choose to seek "out-of-network" care; or
Anyone who simply wants to reduce their cost of medical care without sacrificing the quality of that care.
How Does The Care Card Work?
When a Care Card is presented at a participating provider's office and payment is made at the time of service, a Member is entitled to the discounted Care Card fees. No one has to call to verify eligibility if a Member has his or her Care Card at registration. The expiration date for membership is shown on the front of the Card. A Member may call the Doctors Direct office (706) 733-1776 to verify eligibility.
Please call 706-733-1776 to provide payment information by credit card.
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